“We were so happy to have Dori a part of our birth experience. From the prenatal visits, to the labour itself, and postpartum visit, Dori fit so well with our own vibe and energies. She listened carefully to our ideas and respected our preferences. Her calm presence and gentle manner helped set the tone for our labour experience. Dori arrived while I was in active labour and helped in just the way I needed, at a time when contractions were very painful difficult to get through. She knew just where to apply pressure and squeeze to help ease the pain, reminding me to breath, and keep my moaning low and stay calm. Even though my husband was great during labour, IĀ couldn’t haveĀ done it without Dori’s expertise, doing just the right things at the right time. She even brought snacks for after delivery, so needed and appreciated! Thank you Dori for being a part of such an intense, amazing experience for us.”

Mari and Mike

“Thanks so much Dori for the amazing class. You are a fantastic, very welcoming and knowledgeable facilitator! I’m sure most of the class would agree that you made us feel so comfortable in asking our questions and expressing our thoughts, worries, etc. For Mike and I, the class exceeded our expectations and we learned far more than I thought possible! Thanks again. :)”