A Blessing Way?

You’ve probably heard about these Blessing Way things- a bunch of gals get together and say nice stuff and eat yummy stuff and maybe make some craft for the pregnant mama… something about chanting? or sacred something or another? Hmmmm…

But let me tell you a little secret about a Blessing Way… You will be so glad you had one.

Blessing Way

It’s that ancient wisdom thing- our human world is formed on the history of women supporting women into birth. Cultural norm! How far we’ve gotten away from that. I mean, let’s not get all cave-women or something, no one expects you to get naked (click here for opportunities to get naked!). But you are about to transform your entire life, your mind and body will be experiencing a phenomenon that you can hardly fathom. Why not surround yourself with a little ancient ritual of gathering your closest women around you to reassure you, celebrate you, honour you?

Here’s another thing. BIRTH IS A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY, never-mind your religion. Birth will cause your soul to jump a bit. So why not line yourself up with a soul awakening gathering before you head to the big gate to meet your little one? Here is a perfect opportunity to get your closest women together to really speak honestly about what to do to prepare for such a spiritual journey. The more hands to hold, the better.

Baby Shower vs. Blessing Way? In my humble opinion, more than silly games, onesies, and tiny washclothes, a woman on the cusp of a major life change deserves and needs solid support, compassion, caring- and some laughter. The gift of little socks and bibs can be dropped off after the birth (with a pot of soup!).

Oh, and another thing? Your doula can help organize it. 🙂
Give me a call, let’s see what we can do to tailor a celebration to YOU.

– Dori

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