Postpartum Care

I know personally that the early days of parenthood are some of the most challenging times a family might ever face, and that the intense work of that time can be made so much more bearable with kind and compassionate support.

For so many of new families, we don’t have family around to help after baby arrives. Or if we do have family, it might not best fit for newborn support. Here is where doulas come in! A companion for the nitty-gritty, I’m happy to jump in and be the support you might need.

I offer my energy (calm, joyful, and fun-loving) and knowledge (wide-ranging and evidence-based), as I care for and encourage mothers and partners as they learn their new roles in life. From baby-care, encouraging parental confidence, supporting breastfeeding goals, light housework, food prep, etc, I am happy to help.

Accompanying families as they navigate life’s big work is my great joy and I’d love to be a part of your unfolding!

Rates: $30-35/hour (depending on location)