Birth Arts

Before I became a mother, I was a practising artist for many years. And in my journey into motherhood, I have taken refuge in a variety of creative outlets as a means of processing what’s going on. With my background in the arts, I know that there are few things that can offer such a reflective space for the mind/body/soul as an opportunity to make something, or draw, or sculpt… especially when the art making is approached with care, in a place of quiet, and with a softness of the heart. We all need it, and perhaps most greatly during this life massive life transition as we ourselves are born into motherhood.

With my background deeply rooted in art making of all sorts, and with the new buds growing from my deepening in the Birthing From Within tradition, I am delighted to offer the following opportunities to help honour and prepare mothers for the mighty journey they are on.


  • Ripening Belly Painting
    • A wonderfully unique way to honour and celebrate the magnificent shape of your belly during the final weeks of pregnancy. This can be done as a private project in your home, or as a part of a photo shoot, or incorporate into your Blessing Way/Baby Shower. Using high quality, hypo-allergenic, professional face paints, I will paint your belly with whatever design or image we can imagine.
    • $100, approx 30-60 min., at your location of choice. Email me for more info!


  • Ripening Mother, Private Birth Art Session
    • Generally speaking, very little energy is given to connecting with the inner voice of expectant mothers during this intense time of transformation. But imagine if you had the opportunity to connect with that inner voice… what would it look like? What colours fill your mind these pregnant days? What do you dream of for your journey to motherhood? These art making sessions give a time to connect to the excitement, anxieties, fears, identity, desires, and more, that you may be experiencing on this magnificent path.
    • 90 min Private Birth Art sessions available. No previous artistic experience necessary!  Email me for more information.

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